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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

American's Throw Away Indian Project: The Kassaw Family continued...

Hugs to you my friend I feel our lives parallel in so many ways. I was taken by my white father to live with him and his parents firm six months of age until I left at sixteen. My mother was half Comanche half Mexican. I met her three times.  It was very traumatic each time I had to leave her. Coors beer, Kool cigarettes and youth dew perfume and she are items that make me feel as if she is with me again.She died before my 21st birthday.  I have always believed she died from a broken heart, as she drank herself away. I moved out to OK in my twenty's and this is where I learned my history.  Although I still feel a disconnect and a sense of not belonging. It was because of this I returned back to Arkansas within a year. 
It became necessary to tell our stories because no one was sharing their knowledge. Blessings to you my friend.

This story was shared by Kimberly Kassaw 5-31-2017

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