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Saturday, December 24, 2011

A shout out to Brett Dennen from the Pac. NW

Brett Dennen...If you ever get to Portland Oregon...Head west till you step in cow poop...Look up BigMamaBlaze and LittleMamaBlaze too.  We would love to take you for a cup of coffee at our favorite unknown cafe/gallery (where you and your band can jam quietly, safely and have a awesome meal).  Of course BigMamaBlaze does not endorse the use of illegal drugs or behavior. I have been sober since 7/11/00. I do however believe in the freedom of speech, independant thought and always, always question authority and protest injustice peacefully! Peace...BigMamaBlaze

Unedited "Greed Gone Wild"...Too much power? Self domination? No one ever reads this sh...t


  [aw-tok-ruh-see]  Show IPA
noun, plural -cies.
government in which one person has uncontrolled or unlimited authority over others; the government or power of an absolute monarch.
a nation, state, or community ruled by an autocrat.
unlimited authority, power, or influence of one person in any group.

The artists I post on my blog have not endorsed my beliefs or ideas or writings in any way. I post these particular bits because I like them. They do not know I exist. So please understand and respect their rights to ownership of their art, ideas, as their property and that although I would love to meet these people, I do not know them nor them me, from Adam ...

Hate Whisper's... Is What I call the ...P.A.S.

P.A.S. is a serious problem; and it is made legal by the family law courts.  Please help stope this from happening to children.  Help raise awareness in your community.  Stop the tragic process of Parental Alienation Syndrome...Peace...BigMamaBlaze