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Friday, December 31, 2010

I would like to wish you all a happy and prosperous new year. May all happiness' be yours 2011. BigMamaBlaze

Tom With Our Daughter Revised

Our daughter cannot wait to bread cows, and heifers.  More so she can't wait to be old enough to bread heifers.  She is quite sure she will be as good a farmer as her father is.  She is also grateful she is allowed to be a part of her father's life.  She understands what has happened with her older siblings and she has expressed her gratitude to me that she is free to be with her father when ever she likes.  She is proud to be a daughter of "the best farmer in the NW coast.  She takes pride in her father and his profession and will follow in his footsteps.  Our daughter is the 5th and youngest of my husbands children, and the only one with red hair like him.  He is SO proud that one of his children wants to follow in his footsteps. 
 "I'm not tired daddy".
He will continue to have a close loving relationship and attachment with her free of interference from me.  We are separated.  He is still my husband.  I will never divorce him.  I do not believe in divorce.  I believe this as strongly as I believe that my children deserve a mother and father in their lives.  This led me to choose adoption with my first child. My principles are imposed on me and me only. 
These pictures are of our daughter working on the farm with her father.  She was on a skid loader with her dad and he heard her snoring over the sound of the machine.  He giggled and poked her to wake her to ask if she would like to go home.  She asked, "Why daddy?"  He replied, "Because you are tired lovey".  "You are sleeping."  She replied, "I'm not tired daddy.  I want to be with you".  So he kept her and she went right back to sleep. 

"I love you soooo much!"

(I do not have permission to post our family photo from 2009, as there are mothers of my husband's other children. Without permission, I do not feel compfortable posting the handsome photos of Tom and his children.)
However, this is Clara.  She plays the piano, and she says, "I have over eight talents, and one day Oprah will see me, and she will see me and all my talents mom". 
Her dream is to be an japanimation artist, or work for Disney's Pixar, or Disney's Tristar. She is 8 and astounding.  I am not exaggerating.  I realize every parent believes this of their children.  But man, if you only knew.  Her understanding, wisdom, and unparalleled moral core are unbelieveable.  Whe is way beyond the average even advanced 8 year old.   She radiates inspiration and promise of a beautiful future.
I will walk with her as long as I live and as long as she wants me by her side.  I will love her through her pain.  I will teach her to speak respectfully her every thought.  I will help her navigate through difficulties and confusing times.  I will teach her dignity with failure, for it is how we sometimes learn and internalize our spirituality.  I will strive to be a mother she wants to emulate as my mother was for me.  I can only hope to be half the woman my mother was.  I love you Peggy...

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Tom, you are a good man! I see you, I respect you. You will always have a relationship with Clara.

For my husband and all he does to support everyone. I love you. I appreciate you. I respect you. I hear you. I support your every dream. You are strong and stable and kind. I am blessed to have you as my friend. I love you Tom.  You will always have a relationship with your daughter Clara.  I choose to never take her away from you.  I choose to teach Clara to respect and honor you.  You are not her paycheck.  You are not endured to us.
You are free to love your daughter, Clara, and she is free to love you in return.  You will not hear her say to you, "you have to pay me $500.00/mo. hahahaha",  Or  "its about time you pay me what I am entitled to hahahaha". 
NEVER! will you hear our daughter speak to you this way!
You are free to have and develop a relationship with your daughter Clara as you see fit.   I choose not to alienate your daughter, Clara, from you.  There will be no emothional games, no emotional blackmail, no psychological terrorism, no blame shifting.  I chose to not treat you this way or parent our daughter, Clara, this way, you have my word...Peace...BigMamaBlaze

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Hello Again...

It is the holidays, so busy, busy, busy.  I would like to say Merry Christmas and Happy New year to all of my potentail readers.  :)  I will be back to diagraming the state of Oregon and the Services associated with Family Law courts sometime after Christmas.  I am enjoying my beautiful children at the moment, and will be giving them my undivided attention.  Wishing you all well.  Here's to the Children, it's all about you. This is the future of our first nations singers, very cute...Peace...BigMamaBlaze

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

It's all about the children

My blog, my opinion.  I have received very heated feedback on my blog posts.  I am in the process of editing and correcting punctuation errors.  I also am condensing as much information in each blog that is factual and verifiable.  I have stated the my only request of the reader is the content of my blog may be very objectionable to some.  I am not writing to please anyone.  I am writing to create an information open format.  An open forum for freedom of expression is an open invitation.  I will post the comment of the reader who is the perfect example of the immaturity I ask stay away.  You will not like what I write.  This is a blog written specifically by an author admittedly an avid father's rights movement supporter.  This should indicate immediately that the content will be in support of banishing the discrimination of fathers losing their child(ren) under the law of family courts.  It is not a pleasant topic for people who may have misused this system to do this very thing.  I will post the comments, as I promised a open forum blog.  I do hope that my desire not to be bashed be honored from now on.  I am grateful for the freedom I have to write and the freedom the reader has to respond. 
I hope that this does not become another venue for hater to attack me or anyone else.  I speak in terms that are descriptive of the experiences I have witnessed men throughout my life, and of the information I have learned researching this subject.  The longer I research the more there is to research.  Most striking to me is the global aspect of this movement.  This is not a personal battle.  This is a raising of consciousness.  Peace...BigMamaBlaze


Look at the IV-D.  Look at it go.  Keep an eye on this blog for upcoming posts as I research this gem.  A whistle blower in the child support enforcement agency!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  It is proof that men are being treated unequally in the family law court.


dead beat moms revised

Here is a link for dads.  If you are fighting for your right to be in the lives of your children here is a site for you to visit.  It may be too late for some dads.  Some of you may have already lost your children and they may have already the victim of parental alienation, but you may have a friend that it is not too late for ...Do everything you can to help dads...who haven't lost yet.

Well I am here to encourage you fathers who may have found my obscure little blog.  I have not garnished my husband.  There are women alive that are not evil, soul sucking, financial vampires.  The corruption of the title four services will never infect my husband's rights to bond with our daughter.  Nor will this corruption financially devastate him.  Involuntary indenturing him to me and our daughter!  Hell NO!
No, my baby sees her daddy every day.  If he cannot make it to see our daughter at her home, I will take her to see him.  I have no right to move away from him and take his daughter away or her away from her father!  How f..cking dare I if I did such a thing.  I swear to God above my father would hunt me down and I would be grounded the rest of my natural days, and he would take our daughter back to her father.  I might get a whooping too.  It matters not that I am an adult.  My father is my father.  He never stops having authority over me.  He never stops being my father.  I would not disrespect my father or my baby father in such a way.  I couldn't live with myself.  Seriously. 
If I ever did move away from my baby daddy, it will be because we will have completely divorced from each other,
  • I will have secured gainful employment,
  • Found another partner who is contributing to the welfare of my daughter and I in a fashion that affords my daughter to still see her father when ever he wants, 
  • It would be a mutual agreed upon decision my baby daddy had %50 participation of making.  PERIOD! 
 Although separated and reconciliation is a long process, my baby daddy  willingly supports our daughter and I.  We have a mutual respect for each other.  If that ever changes it will be because I did something to change it.  My husband is the most honorable, noble man I  know next to my dad. 
The link today is about fathers anyway, right?  There is so much talk about dead beat dad's, but never a mention about the dead beat mothers who turn fathers into $$$$, and alienate children from fathers, claim poverty to stay on welfare to keep the father indentured.   Oh, the horrible things made legal by our courts of family law.  Corruption is everywhere.  You will be touched by some form of it at least once in your life.  Learn now.  Understand shit folks.  Don't believe some random woman writing an obscure blog.  Or read my blog and watch it develop as a free tool for fathers, alright for mothers too. 
The only party in any case, I give a shit about, is the children.  It is the parents responsibility to create and nurture mutual respect, in spite of petty feelings we have now.  Love your children through their pain, and for Christs sake divorce yourself emotionally if you are divorced from the man complete the task and not at the expense of your child's esteem and self worth.  Biatches you know who you are.  You are the biatches filing every thing you can with IV-D services.  smearing the good name of a good father for financial gain.  I do believe it it called false declaration, and defamation...Disgusting.   The statistics this f..cking corrupt division was based on and alleged reformed with are JUNK statistics.  Follow the money always you will find it links to a corrupt system.  Find the right resources and a good lawyer and for your children's sake educate yourself.  Peace...




Monday, December 6, 2010

It's High Time Oregon Reforms Family Law...My Blog, My opinion.

This is a work in progress for certain. I will continue to evolve and employ my skills. I will post on blogger edited versions of each post. I will continue to post links for family's to use.
In the event you have the unfortunate participation in one of life's most difficult challenges, the "dissolution of marriage", I hope this blog is of some use. Now, the meaning of "family" has a broad scope. I limit the term to no one gender group. Married can mean unmarried common law, or domestic partners, or gay couples unable to wed (due to bull shit laws but that another blog), any two persons who willing join in lifetime commitment.
Although this blog hopes to become primarily a directive of easy to access terms and links for family's, I submit a confession now. I am an avid fathers rights supporter. This does not mean I am a woman hater. I am not a hater at all. I am a woman. I am simply and absolutely infuriated by the injustice of family law. I cope with what angers me by writing. Therefore, this blog.
It may offend some people. I included the "before entering this site you agree that you are an adult". For me this defines only the maturity to read something you may not agree with and not bash the author. You don't like what I write? Do not look.
I am inviting mature intelligent people 18 over or under, I dont' care how old you are. All I ask is be mature enough not to read or submit constructive criticism. If I am stating my opinion, it is because it's my fucking blog.  Oh, I will be using profanity from time to time.  I would like this to be an open format blog, where freedom of speech can be exercised. I do not support the attempt to discredit any one person or group of persons, nor do I wish to be attacked.  Disclaimer: (being a fathers rights supporter this blog will reflect largely on the parent who is dominantly using family law courts, mainly women).
It is my opinion that the family law courts are indisputably corrupt! I base my opinion on personal experience and many hours of research.
Motivated by greed and filled with the greedy. It is also indisputable that greed is part of human nature. The intense desire to be right. The unwillingness to share, ownership.
However, we are supposed to have outgrown these impulses before having a/any child(ren). Unfortunate for the child(ren), that is not always the case. The very nature of greed, entitlement and ownership is supported in the family law courts. Have you ever hear a woman say, "I am the mother"! or "Kids belong with their mother!" or maybe this one, "I carried them for nine months so their more bonded with me"! I could go on, but do I really need to?
It is the very personality that believes these statement(s) that end up in court filing for garnishment, sole custody, status quo, writ of assistance, etc. Now I ask this?  If the child(ren) have an active, involved father  or the father is the primary parent in the child(ren) life, why would any woman take sole custody and remove the ability for a man to freely particpate and willingly contribute to the development and lifstyle of that
child(ren)? Of course this is a scenario where there is no one leaving the house with bruises and broken limbs, sunglasses on, having to explain why you ran into the cabinet. We are all mature enough here that I need not mention this again...good. Greed! Power! Control! This is family law court rooms and their content.
So naturally the greedy, unethical, immature will take full advantage and use this court room to gain, what they believe, they are "entitled" to. If that is what you really believe, this blog is not for you and I strongly suggest you leave now.
My blog, my opinion. My opinion is this: The Oregon Family Law Courts and every thing associated with IV-D services is 100% corrupt. It is the woman who uses this court for any reason other than to stop having to run into that damn cupboard, does have a unhealthy relationship with money or a healthy sense of self-empowerment. It is this particular court that is the primary vehicle for perpetuating welfare. More unfortunate is the annihilation of child(ren)' freedom to love, respect, and have a relationship with the father.
If a man is a primary person or an active participant in the child(ren) life, what would propel a woman, to separate that child from their father?
There are three fundamental laws of parenting and child support.
1)The money for child support is for the children.
2) Both parents have an equal duty to support the child(ren), finally
3) opaque disclosure, circumstantial situation, and all other factors, are carefully considered before calculating support.
This is not possible with dishonest participant.  The court of  family law in Oregon cares not about honesty.  It care only in building statistics to keep that federal IV-D grant money flowing in.  That is another story...When fathers are free to willingingly to support the child(ren) there is a lot more free time and money for both parents and the child(ren) benefit from having their mother and father.  Children need their mother and father equally.
So mother's who have taken sole custody away from the piece of crap that beat you and or the child(ren)...Bravo! You women who gained sole custody from a willing and participating father. This blog isn't going to suit you. So I suggest you never read it again.
Fathers You will probably never win in court. It is a fact. My suggestion is, if you are going to fight for your children, be prepared and have a really good lawyer.  Fathers if you start to fight for your children never give up.  You will never regret the day you will be able to tell your child(ren), "I tried and I never gave up.  I love you and am happy to see you".  No you won't regret those words.  If your are going to put up the fight, then there are some facts you need to know about family law.  Facts that change as fast as her mind does, so never stop reading and... Do not despair. Do not give up. For your children's sake, educate yourself! Peace...BigMamaBlaze

Sunday, December 5, 2010

MLK Jr.'s letter from...

Ah, I found justice on the menu after all.  I couldn't sleep.  I had MLK Jr.'s words looping through my mind.  So follow the links...Peace

I am in the mood for social justice...

Oh, not serving that today?  Alrighty, I'll take a good song then, eh?
Please respect the rights the owner(s) have to this song.  The drummers and their families, and all singers Blacklodge singers drum, are making a difference one song at a time eh?

Peace...BigMamaBlaze and LittleMamaBlaze too


Today I want to pay respect to my biological father who was killed in Vietnam.  My adoptive father who raised me and raised me well.  To my grandfathers for all the love and Saturday mornings as a little girl when both my parents had jobs yet we were still broke as heck, for putting a hot meal in my tummy.  For My great-grandfathers and their great-grandfathers for having the foresight to base their decisions with me, my children, and my 7th generation from now children,  in mind.  It may not read how it sounds in my mind, but I hope you get the gist.  I love you dad.

Saturday, December 4, 2010


Once you enter this link you will find there are many groups that are specifically named as being discriminated.  Gender is specifically addressed in this definition. Our society won't last long now. Our society has not been able to find balance and adhere to the founding fathers dreams of being independent and unique from their oppressors. This country was founded on blood. This will never change...

Follow the Money...Discrimination? Slavery? Legalized...

Follow the money people. Being an indigenous woman and understanding that the murder and oppression of my people can always, without fail, be traced back to $$$$. They took our land because of the resources. They mined the resources of the land until mother earth was bled dry. There was and still is an enormous amount of money in land resources left on the tiny lots of land called "Reservations". Why else would there be Greedy politicians working so hard to end the Treaties made with the remaining tribes to extinguish the reservation system? Power, Money, Control. AWWWW this is exactly what child support and child support enforcement is all about...

There is BIG money in child support!  And where there is big money, you will find corruption and greed, oppression, discrimination and/or slavery.  This is the worst kind of domestic violence, because it's legalized domestic violence.  It is legalized slavery.  It is the legalization of oppression. 
Discrimination has no boundaries.  It has no face nor name.  You know you are in its presence, because it hurts.   Discrimination  limits itself not to gender, color, age, socioeconomical class, or sexual orientation.  Discrimination exists.  And it sucks!  It likens itself, in my opinion, to slavery.  It can be taught.  It can be unlearned.  It also can be reversed. 
That is the truth.  Peace...BigMamaBlaze

Adviosory:  the contents of this broadcast are in direct proportion to the experience to the broadcaster.  All facts can also be varified.  Proceed with CAUTION:



Domestic Violence: which includes financial isolation, distress, with holding, etc.,_Crime_and_Victims_Act_2004

You must listen to this: Nelly's - "Just A Dream" Piano Cover

I opened my youtube channel to make some updates and found this video. This young man is very talented and has never had a lesson in his life. You gotta listen to this. Peace...