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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

dead beat moms revised

Here is a link for dads.  If you are fighting for your right to be in the lives of your children here is a site for you to visit.  It may be too late for some dads.  Some of you may have already lost your children and they may have already the victim of parental alienation, but you may have a friend that it is not too late for ...Do everything you can to help dads...who haven't lost yet.

Well I am here to encourage you fathers who may have found my obscure little blog.  I have not garnished my husband.  There are women alive that are not evil, soul sucking, financial vampires.  The corruption of the title four services will never infect my husband's rights to bond with our daughter.  Nor will this corruption financially devastate him.  Involuntary indenturing him to me and our daughter!  Hell NO!
No, my baby sees her daddy every day.  If he cannot make it to see our daughter at her home, I will take her to see him.  I have no right to move away from him and take his daughter away or her away from her father!  How f..cking dare I if I did such a thing.  I swear to God above my father would hunt me down and I would be grounded the rest of my natural days, and he would take our daughter back to her father.  I might get a whooping too.  It matters not that I am an adult.  My father is my father.  He never stops having authority over me.  He never stops being my father.  I would not disrespect my father or my baby father in such a way.  I couldn't live with myself.  Seriously. 
If I ever did move away from my baby daddy, it will be because we will have completely divorced from each other,
  • I will have secured gainful employment,
  • Found another partner who is contributing to the welfare of my daughter and I in a fashion that affords my daughter to still see her father when ever he wants, 
  • It would be a mutual agreed upon decision my baby daddy had %50 participation of making.  PERIOD! 
 Although separated and reconciliation is a long process, my baby daddy  willingly supports our daughter and I.  We have a mutual respect for each other.  If that ever changes it will be because I did something to change it.  My husband is the most honorable, noble man I  know next to my dad. 
The link today is about fathers anyway, right?  There is so much talk about dead beat dad's, but never a mention about the dead beat mothers who turn fathers into $$$$, and alienate children from fathers, claim poverty to stay on welfare to keep the father indentured.   Oh, the horrible things made legal by our courts of family law.  Corruption is everywhere.  You will be touched by some form of it at least once in your life.  Learn now.  Understand shit folks.  Don't believe some random woman writing an obscure blog.  Or read my blog and watch it develop as a free tool for fathers, alright for mothers too. 
The only party in any case, I give a shit about, is the children.  It is the parents responsibility to create and nurture mutual respect, in spite of petty feelings we have now.  Love your children through their pain, and for Christs sake divorce yourself emotionally if you are divorced from the man complete the task and not at the expense of your child's esteem and self worth.  Biatches you know who you are.  You are the biatches filing every thing you can with IV-D services.  smearing the good name of a good father for financial gain.  I do believe it it called false declaration, and defamation...Disgusting.   The statistics this f..cking corrupt division was based on and alleged reformed with are JUNK statistics.  Follow the money always you will find it links to a corrupt system.  Find the right resources and a good lawyer and for your children's sake educate yourself.  Peace...




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