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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Follow the Money...Discrimination? Slavery? Legalized...

Follow the money people. Being an indigenous woman and understanding that the murder and oppression of my people can always, without fail, be traced back to $$$$. They took our land because of the resources. They mined the resources of the land until mother earth was bled dry. There was and still is an enormous amount of money in land resources left on the tiny lots of land called "Reservations". Why else would there be Greedy politicians working so hard to end the Treaties made with the remaining tribes to extinguish the reservation system? Power, Money, Control. AWWWW this is exactly what child support and child support enforcement is all about...

There is BIG money in child support!  And where there is big money, you will find corruption and greed, oppression, discrimination and/or slavery.  This is the worst kind of domestic violence, because it's legalized domestic violence.  It is legalized slavery.  It is the legalization of oppression. 
Discrimination has no boundaries.  It has no face nor name.  You know you are in its presence, because it hurts.   Discrimination  limits itself not to gender, color, age, socioeconomical class, or sexual orientation.  Discrimination exists.  And it sucks!  It likens itself, in my opinion, to slavery.  It can be taught.  It can be unlearned.  It also can be reversed. 
That is the truth.  Peace...BigMamaBlaze

Adviosory:  the contents of this broadcast are in direct proportion to the experience to the broadcaster.  All facts can also be varified.  Proceed with CAUTION:



Domestic Violence: which includes financial isolation, distress, with holding, etc.,_Crime_and_Victims_Act_2004

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