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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

It's all about the children

My blog, my opinion.  I have received very heated feedback on my blog posts.  I am in the process of editing and correcting punctuation errors.  I also am condensing as much information in each blog that is factual and verifiable.  I have stated the my only request of the reader is the content of my blog may be very objectionable to some.  I am not writing to please anyone.  I am writing to create an information open format.  An open forum for freedom of expression is an open invitation.  I will post the comment of the reader who is the perfect example of the immaturity I ask stay away.  You will not like what I write.  This is a blog written specifically by an author admittedly an avid father's rights movement supporter.  This should indicate immediately that the content will be in support of banishing the discrimination of fathers losing their child(ren) under the law of family courts.  It is not a pleasant topic for people who may have misused this system to do this very thing.  I will post the comments, as I promised a open forum blog.  I do hope that my desire not to be bashed be honored from now on.  I am grateful for the freedom I have to write and the freedom the reader has to respond. 
I hope that this does not become another venue for hater to attack me or anyone else.  I speak in terms that are descriptive of the experiences I have witnessed men throughout my life, and of the information I have learned researching this subject.  The longer I research the more there is to research.  Most striking to me is the global aspect of this movement.  This is not a personal battle.  This is a raising of consciousness.  Peace...BigMamaBlaze

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  1. This is a perfect example of Parental Alienation Syndrom (P.A.S.) this is what is looks like folks...the above comment is years of brainwashing have come to fruition...


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