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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Beautiful Red Skin Girl video, song by Northern Cree


Funny cat video

Monday, July 23, 2012

The most meaningful relationship

The most meaningful relationship in my life, is the relationship I have with my daughter. I have the opportunity to pass onto to her the lessons of life given to me by my mother.  I pass to my daughter the best of who I am, so she can be better than me. One day the spiritual lessons I was taught, that I now teach, will manifest themselves in a person so strong and healthy, that a great person will be born and raised and change the world.
I rest easy today knowing I had a small part in the creation of this dream. I find comfort in the thought of one of my descendants being healthy, self actualized, able to be kind, wise and strong in the face of life's adversities.
To reach through time and believe into reality this great person is real, now, has been born, and will be born again, is not crazy but hopeful. A line of strong spiritual women I come from, and another link in a chain of  un-health I break.  The future of my daughter and her daughter will be bright with strength and spiritual wisdom. So much so, I see the history of many being greatly enhanced by these strong women now and the women yet to come. Thank you Creator for my mother and for my daughter and for my life. I am grateful. Peace...BigMamaBlaze