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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Wikipedia Definition of Discrimination

I am firing up my new blog with pertinent information, definitions and terminology families to use.  The direction of my blog will be to develp links to to essential understanding of what you are up against in the court of family law.  I aim to become familiar with Oregon Revised Statutes (ORS), link to Wikipedia pages with clear definitions and countless links to the information necessary to understand and prevent your children from suffering and you from becoming the next victim of our Family Law Courts. 
Today I am wanting to point out the important corralation of becoming a non-custodial parent and the definitions contained in discrimination currently understood, and accepted by our society.  Inside this link you will be able to find many more links that can help you understand clearly what not to do, say, and what corner not  to get backed into in the court of family law.
Discrimination knows not color, age, socioeconomical status, sexual oreintation, language, nothing.  Discrimination sucks!  So do mean people...Peace...The ever evolving world of BigMamaBlaze and LittleMamaBlaze too...

Follow the link...

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