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Sunday, April 3, 2011

These great men had been leading people for many years...

With the contact with our European-American brothers, and the development of Indian policy, the great chiefs and the people they had led for decades and some having been descendants of other chiefs, were now considered children or wards of the American Government. Do you know we are still called "Children" or "Wards" of the Government? Here is hoping we grow up some day eh? Or more appropriate the American Government realizes we are grown. We have knowledge that can offer many alternatives to modern disastrous policies raping our tax paying, hard working men and women. Policy's that are creating homelessness and poverty at a rate that should embarrass and ashame our government. We can change our future. It is not too late. But almost...

On the bottom of the You Tube Video bar in the right corner is an arrow.  Click on the arrow and a small box pops up, next click on the box and other videos associated with the video post in each blog will become visible and you can continue learning about each individual video I post and the issues Indigenous Peoples have waited so long for our European-American brothers and sisters to be ready to hear.  Peace...BigMamaBlaze

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