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Sunday, November 8, 2015

How exactly is one supposed to honor the heritage and Native American People during Native American Heritage month?

If you find yourself wondering what to do this month here are few suggestions to honor truly and appreciate each of the 566 unique, federally recognized tribes in the US.
1) Support Native American Artists
2. Learn About (and Consider Backing) Native-Led Movements
3. Call Out Appropriation Because It’s Offensive (Not Because You Know Indigenous People Won’t Like It):
4. Support Non-Native Companies or Organizations That Actively Honor Native Culture and Creations such as, or or
Many Americans have a broken relationship with indigenous peoples. The following is and has been my experience; it is my opinion:
We’re fine as romanticized historical centerpieces and entertainment props, but mocked and ridiculed when we decry the materialistic use of sacred objects like headdresses or call to remove a dictionary-defined racial slur like Redskin from the NFL lexicon.
The message is clear to Natives: You can feel honored, or you can shut up.
But it doesn’t have to be that way. Shifting the negative to positive takes educating each other. Shifting from negative to positive requires talking about topics, that may be uncomfortable. Asking questions to expand one's knowledge shouldn't be taboo. I'm just saying... BMB

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