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Saturday, August 10, 2013

~An Indian Prayer~Weary~

"Oh Great Spirit who walks the four winds of our mighty heavens, hear my voice, for I stand before you as but one of your many children.
I have traveled long and far and I have grown tired and weary. My heart has much sadness for my journey has taken me to a land i do not understand and fear.
My eyes no longer see the beauty you have created for all to see. They now only see shadows and darkness.
My ears no long hear the laughter of children at play. They now only hear the silence of night and the beating of my own heart.
I fear I have taken the wrong road in life, and with each passing of the sun my heart becomes more heavy with sadness for I no longer walk in balance with the
Universe and upon Earth Mother.
Oh Great Spirit must I be lost forever like a pebble within a mountain of stones. Am I to wander forever in darkness?
Will you not lend me the wisdom of my four legged brother, the buffalo, the keen sight and swiftness of flight of my feathered brother, the Eagle so that I may
return like the blossoms of spring after the long snows of winter, where once again my eyes may see the rising of the sun, the beauty of our land Earth Mother.
I want my heart to dance again to the many songs of the birds in Spring.
I want to know the happiness and feel the tranquility of walking in balance with Earth Mother, and my brothers and sisters and where my heart and spirit shall wander no more forever.
When my lift has ended like the setting of the sun, I want to stand before you, Oh Great Spirit, with a pure heart, straight eyes and unashamed.

~Lee (Little Fawn) Moquin

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