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Monday, August 12, 2013

Data mining you child's information "permission form" is now part of school enrollment!

Tomorrow morning many Americans will take their children to the local school and blindly enroll them for the coming year. They will be given a student handbook complete with a couple dozen forms that must be signed. Some really are necessary, such as the permission form to give your child a band aid should they get a paper cut. Then there are the NEW forms that are more frightening than necessary. Yet most parents will just sign these, too.
What new forms are there? This year many observant parents have already found forms that advise them that the FERPA laws that used to protect their children have since been obliterated. Now, some 400 points of data can be shared with anyone who calls themselves “authorized” to receive the information. Businesses, doctor’s offices, psychiatrists, federal agencies, salesmen, and virtually anyone who meets the approval of the state or a local superintendent can become authorized to obtain 400 pieces of information about your child.
Be careful what you sign in the morning. You may just be giving away the keys to your child’s identity.
~Temerity Dowell

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