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Friday, March 6, 2015

Big Plume's camp, Sarcee

When Diamond JENNESS visited the reserve in 1921, the Nation consisted of five bands: Big Plumes, Crow Childs, Crow Chiefs, Old Sarcees and Many Horses. Before they were confined to the reserve, each BAND, led by a chief, camped in TIPIS and hunted along the edge of the forest during the winter. During summer all bands met in the open prairie to hunt buffalo, collect berries and engage in ceremonies, dances and festivals.
The only photograph I can find of the five bands named above. If you find one or have one, please post in the comment section.
Photo: Photograph
Big Plume's camp, Sarcee, near Calgary, AB, about 1885
William Hanson Boorne
About 1885, 19th century

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