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Wednesday, March 4, 2015


A hunter was out one day in search of game. All of a sudden, a big black bear out of a bush.
The hunter had only his spear and knife to defend herself.
"Awassos, I'm not here to hurt you, I let you in peace. "
But the bear, Awassos had something else in mind and advance towards the hunter. The latter, fearing for his life away. The bear knew he was stronger than the hunter and began pursuit.
To protect themselves, the hunter ran away with the tip of his spear toward the back.
Seeing a thick grove, He ran through it hoping that the branches will slow the bear.
Then the hunter realizes that his spear was taken in an ivy.
In a desperate attempt to clear his spear, the hunter takes over all his strength.
Then, suddenly, while the bear caught him, the hunter escapes his spear flew towards the bear.
The ivy was used to propel the spear.
To the surprise of the hunter, spear s' sinks into the chest of the animal, inflicting a mortal wound.
"IAHI! "Exclaimed the hunter.
"Wliwni, Kchi Niwaskw! "
"Thank you, Great Spirit, for saving my life, giving me food and clothes for my family. "
It's thanking the Great Spirit that the hunter realizes he could make a new weapon.
"Enni! "Enthuses the hunter.
Rather than using a tree, it could now use a tree branch and instead ivy, he could use a rope made with milkweed.
The hunter thanked the Great Spirit for having provided this new hunting tool.

And so the bow and arrow were created!

Joseph Bruchac
Poet of the Nation Abenaki Indian

Art: Bev Dolittle "Doubled Back - Grizzly Bear"

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