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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Cheyene Legend

Previously, bison ate men. There was then a board organized by the magpie and the hawk, human friends, who decided that a race would be held among the animals and eat the winners beaten.
The magpie and the hawk represent men.
The planned tour was long, it was the turn of the mountain. The most agile bison called Neika (agile head) and he was sure to win the race. All the animals and all the birds were covered with paint for the race and that is why since that time they have attractive colors.
They rushed and ran as fast as possible. All the little birds, turtles, rabbits, coyotes, wolves, flies, ants, insects and snakes were soon outdistanced ...
the approach of the mountain, the bison was in the lead then came the magpie and the hawk, and the rest of the animals stretched along the road in a cloud of dust.
Around the mountain bison led the race, but near the finish the two birds swooped and won the race for men.
The buffalo said to his small to hide men because they were likely to hunt, and they ate human flesh for the last time. Young bison did this by placing the meat in front of their chest below their throat.
That's why we do not eat that part of the bison.
Since that day, the Cheyenne hunting buffalo.
Like birds, friends of the men had helped them, they do not eat them but they wear their pretty feathers as ornaments.

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